The Keys to Packing for Your Next Getaway

Going on a getaway, and not sure what to pack? Whether you’re off to your favorite local spot or an exotic hideaway, it can be stressful to pack efficiently, while making sure you have everything you could possibly need. We have the keys to relieve your packing anxiety!

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It always seems like you remember everything you forgot to pack just as it is too late to turn around. The first key to success: Make a checklist of every little detail. Toothbrush, razor, bathing suit, phone, etc. Try to section your list by category, and even by the activities you will be doing. This will help think through everything you could possibly need. Go through the checklist while you are packing, and then again after you have packed. Your checklist will help you start your vacation on a positive note!

Our next key: Don’t bring a million shoes! Shoes tend to take up the most room, and can be very heavy! As a general rule of thumb, you only need to bring 1-2 pairs of sandals and one pair of nicer shoes. This, of course, does not include your flip flops for the beach because they tend to pack very nicely due to their flexibility. If you are going to bring two pairs of sandals, pack one neutral pair that will go with everything, and one with a little more detail.


Striking Gold Sandals | Mind Games Heels | Coralie Sandals

Lastly: Pack versatile items. Denim shorts, basic tanks in a couple of colors, a white t-shirt, and a LBD should be the first things you put in your suitcase. You can wear each of these a couple of times by layering them in different ways, and we can guarantee that no one will notice. Packing statement accessories will allow you to transform your outfits from day to night. Kimonos are an amazing piece to pack because they double as a fun coverup!

KimonoAna Fringe Kimono

Happy vacaying!

Smell the sea, and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly!

-Van Morrison

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