Better Than Your Boyfriend: Button Downs


Sure, boyfriends are great. They…um…hmm…Well okay, we’ll get back to why boyfriends are great later after we like, Google it or something.

Good news is- especially for us single ladies- you no longer have to raid your boyfriend’s (or brother’s, admit it) closet for the times you want to rock the relaxed look.

These are cuter, anyway.

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T H E  J A S O N

We are obsessed with the Jason Boyfriend button down for two reasons:

1. Tie Front

2. Corset Back

Pair the Jason with a light wash destroyed boyfriend jean!

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T H E  C A R T E R

Let loose in the Carter! Layer it on top of a lace bandeau and free a couple of the top buttons.

Pair the Carter with your favorite destroyed skinnies.

– – –

Blog Post- better than your bf 2

T H E  H U N T E R

Tuck the very front of the Hunter into a pair of destroyed denim shorts and add a navy clutch for a feminine touch!

We basically just gave you three more reasons why you don’t need a boyfriend.

But um…We’re still Googling…

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She is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure.

-Steve Maraboli-


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