IN-VEST-ED: Doing Denim Vests

The perfect piece of denim can seriously be life changing. We all have that pair of jeans that we bust out when we want to look good and feel good! All of the other denim is just closet and dresser drawer fillers…We should probably clean those out. Just like your favorite pair of jeans, the perfect denim vest can make you feel a stylista extraordinaire. So go ahead, throw on that jean vest you’ve been staring at and show everyone how denim is really done.

Well…Read this post and then throw on that jean vest you’ve been staring at and show everyone how denim is really done.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

– – –

D E N I M  

F O R  D A Y T I M E

Well, yeah. We’re sure you already know you can always do denim in the daytime. (We named this section that for alliteration purposes, you know.) But, you can also rock denim in the nighttime! Pair the Arizona Denim Vest with your favorite destroyed black skinny jeans, a black open toe stiletto and darken up your makeup a just a tad.

And that’s how you rock a denim vest at night.

We know, you’ve been dying to know.

– – –

D E N I M  


When you think of denim on denim you probably picture mom jeans paired with a jean jacket that is a couple sizes too big. Nobody, we repeat, nobody can pull that look off…Save it for next year’s Halloween costume. But, there isright way to do denim on denim! The trick is to make sure that the two pieces aren’t the same shade of blue, and putting a sort of “buffer” between them. Whether you add some fringe, a knotted tank, or bare some belly, denim on denim actually can look amazing if you do it right!

“Doing it right” Exhibit A: See below.

You can thank us later.

– – –

D E N I M  

O N  D R E S S E S

Add layers to your dress by throwing a denim vest over it! Especially with maxi dresses. The varying lengths add an eye catching touch! And honestly, who doesn’t love catching a secret admirer eyeing your style?

Speaking of layers…Layer a few necklaces, too while you’re at it!

– – –

A personal style is like handwriting- it happens as a by product of our way of seeing things, enriched by the experiences of everything around us

-Massimo Vignelli-


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