Major Blazer: Not Your Mother’s Suit Jacket

We can’t be the only ones who remember playing dress up in our mom’s closet… Walking out tripping over the end of her totally 90’s navy floral button down dress, topped with a blazer that had shoulder pads so thick they knocked us in our chins… Lucky for us, women’s clothing has toned down a tad since 1997 –or whenever shoulder pads were in style– and bulky blazers have slimmed down to a size more fitting for the feminine frame.

Throw on that blazer and show them who’s boss!

…It’s you…You’re the boss. Remember that.

– – –

T H E  J A C K E T  T R I C K

Whenever you feel like your outfit needs a little extra something and you don’t know what it is, layer it with a blazer! A blazer can instantly take an outfit you were feeling “eh” about to the next level.

It works. That’s all.

– – –

W A Y S  T O  W E A R

There comes a point where going out in public in yoga pants and your old, hole-y, high school “comfy shirt” can’t really be considered “casual” anymore.

Pair a blazer with destroyed denim and a slouchy tee for a more sophisticated casual look.

…But actually if your old hole-y high school comfy shirt can pass for a cool, vintage tee, throw a blazer over it and rock it with your destroyed denim!

– – –

If you’re dead set on being as comfortable as possible (it’s just like that sometimes, we know) and would rather wear yoga pants from 2008 than throw on a pair of jeans, try a blazer with joggers or even leggings!


Unsolicited Leggings-Related Style Advice Ahead:

When wearing leggings, it’s important, and just simply more appropriate, to wear a top that falls at least to your upper thigh.

Save the crop tops for when you actually decide to break out the denim.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

– – –

You can never be over dressed or over educated.

-Oscar Wilde-


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